Pack of Two Trims - TR705

Pack of Two Trims - TR705

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APPROX SIZE -208 x 1.6CM


All WoodUbend trims are 2.1m long and can be used to uplift all of your creative projects. The flexible wood trims are equally effective when used in place as a dado rail or to embellish a crown moulding or coving. Some top tips to remember:

– Don’t unroll the trims before heating them first.

– Keep them coiled up & unroll only what you need.

– If you cut them short, don’t worry, they will stretch by up to 10%.

– You can cool them and reheat them as much as you like.

 WoodUbend Mouldings are made of a wood pulp product based on sawdust that when mixed with other, eco-friendly components, it becomes a paste. Initially, it is placed in metal forming moulds and pressed in a thermal press. After 48 hours, it is demolded resulting in a sturdy object, which is treated as wood.