How do you use WoodUbend Mouldings?


WoodUbend mouldings are perfect for quickly and easily enhancing your upcycled furniture and craft projects. All you need is a heat source, some good quality wood glue and a surface to stick your WoodUbend to:

– Heat the moulding with a heat gun , hair dryer or on a griddle.

– Apply glue to the surface or the entire back of the moulding.

– Press onto surface firmly.

– Heat once more.

– Remove excess glue with a Q-tip, baby wipe or wet paint brush.

– Enjoy!


Once properly adhered the WoodUbend mouldings will stay in firmly in place for decades. We understand that accidents happen though, so we’ve made it easy for the wood mouldings to be removed and replaced:

– Heat the moulding with a heat gun , hair dryer or on a griddle.

– Slide something thin like a spatular or knife under the moulding

– Prise the now flexible wood moulding off of the surface. 

– Now the WoodUbend moulding is ready to be reapplied elsewhere.

You may pull some paint off of the surface so make sure you have some touch up paint handy!



All WoodUbend trims are 2.1m long and can be used to uplift all of your creative projects. The flexible wood trims are equally effective when used in place as a dado rail or to embellish a crown moulding or coving. Some top tips to remember:

– Don’t unroll the trims before heating them first.

– Keep them coiled up & unroll only what you need.

– If you cut them short, don’t worry, they will stretch by up to 10%.

– You can cool them and reheat them as much as you like.




Accidents happen! Luckily, WoodUbend decorative mouldings are really easy to fix. All you need is a heat gun and some wood glue:

– Heat both bits of the moulding

– Apply wood glue to both broken ends

– Press both bits together

– Remove excess glue

– Hold together until cool or the two parts of the decorative moulding are no longer coming apart.



One of the fantastic things about WoodUbend decorative mouldings is that you can adhere them to just about any surface from wood to fruit and vegetables and just about everything else in between! All you have to do is follow the basic steps:

– Heat the moulding

– Apply a good quality wood glue to the back of the moulding or directly onto the surface

– Press the bendable wood moulding onto the surface

– Heat once more & remove excess glue



If you cut your WoodUbend decorative trim a little short, don’t worry! There’s an easy solution which will have you back on track in no time:

– Reheat before gluing or whilst the glue is still wet

– Apply glue to both ends of the trim

– Stretch the trim and push both ends together

– Hold until cool

– WoodUbend decorative mouldings have stretch up to around 10%


For Step by step videos of all the WoodUbend 'How-to' Click HERE